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Road to OSH Champion, A free virtual learning session

Since the OSHC-Region 6 started conducting free virtual Basic OSH Training for Safety Officer 1 (SO1) for the affected micro and small enterprises (MSEs) brought about by the pandemic, nearly two thousand representatives from various MSEs benefitted from the series of free virtual activities. The graduates were certified as SO1 for their respective establishments.

This KamOSHtahan in Western Visayas - PagOSHwag Session with the title, “ROAD TO OSH CHAMPION,” on June 24, will revisit and follow up on the re-entry action plans of MSEs in developing or sustaining the OSH compliance and culture in their establishments. What challenges did they encounter, and what best practices did they make to accomplish their action plans comprehensively.

At the end of the session, the participants will be able to:

  • Compare the current status of implementation versus the ideal execution.

  • Express the challenges during the entire course of the action plan.

  • Give examples of best practices to accomplish the action plan with less time and resources.

  • Recalibrate the re-entry action plans based on new ideas and strategies acquired from the session.

This session will tackle areas based on the re-entry action plan provided during the SO1 Training, to wit:

  • Develop Safety and Health Program aligned with Department Order 198 s.2018 (using OSH Program Template)

  • Conduct hazard identification, risk assessment, and control (HIRAC)

  • Conduct workers' OSH seminar

  • Conduct safety and health briefings/toolbox meetings (specify topics)

  • Organize/Reorganize/Convene the Safety and Health Committee

  • Registration of establishment to DOLE (OSH Standard Rule 1020)

  • Ensure submission of the following OSH reports to DOLE:

    1. Report on safety and health organizations

    2. Annual medical report (AMR)

    3. Employer's work accident/injury exposure data (for every disabling injury) (WAIR)

    4. Annual work accident/injury exposure data (whether or not there is an accident/illness) (AEDR)



See you at the event!

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