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DOLE releases rules on first aiders and first aid providers

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Signed by DOLE Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III last May 13, more specific rules and guidelines on the certification of first aiders and accreditation of first aid training providers were issued. According to the order, the designated first aider shall take minimum certification training courses based on their establishment's employment size and risk level.

The following types of first aid training courses will be valid for three years from their dates of issuance:

  • Emergency first aid

  • Occupational first aid and basic life support, and

  • Standard first aid and basic life support.

Furthermore, an individual holding a certificate of completion of the Emergency Medical Services NC Program may be designated as their establishment's first aider, regardless of employment size and risk classification. The costs for renewal of the certifications for first aiders will be shouldered by the employer pursuant to Section 16(b) of DOLE Department Order No. 198-18. The DOLE also provided guidelines on the accreditation of first aid training providers.

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Shai Perez
Shai Perez
Jun 07, 2022

want to avail free online training soon

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