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Managing safety in small and medium enterprises

by S.J. Legg, K.B. Olsen, I.S. Laird, P. Hasle (2015)

This paper presented a conceptual model for increasing suitable working environments for SMEs. The report provided a background to previous research on safety in SMEs, showing how most current policy and legislation on occupational health and safety (OSH) and the work environment is based on large enterprises. There is a relative lack of research on OSH in SMEs.

In summary of current knowledge, it is argued that modern OSH legislation and interventions to help improve work environments need to consider SMEs' specific characteristics increasingly. The conceptual model for increasing good working environments for SMEs begins with a legislative standard built into intervention programs and includes three instrument pillars: inspection to enhance compliance, recognition of the bar by the stakeholders in the industry sector, and dissemination of information to small enterprises.

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