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In this dynamic seminar, participants will delve into the intersection of healthcare and entrepreneurship, exploring how innovative ideas, modern technologies, and business acumen can revolutionize client care and transform the healthcare landscape. Through engaging presentations, and insightful panel discussions, attendees will gain innovative insights and actionable strategies for launching and growing their own ventures in the healthcare industry.


Whether the participant will be a doctor, nurse, or midwife looking to launch a healthcare startup, a healthcare professional interested in intrapreneurship within their organization, or simply curious about the intersection of healthcare and entrepreneurship, this seminar will offer valuable knowledge, networking opportunities, and inspiration to help the participant make a meaningful impact in the ever-evolving world of healthcare.

The seminar further aims to:

  1. Identify unmet needs and opportunities in healthcare.

  2. Explain and navigate the regulatory landscape and its challenges.

  3. Discuss the significance of leveraging innovations to enhance healthcare delivery and client outcomes.

  4. Associate situations that are linked to cultivating leadership skills and fostering a culture of innovation.

  5. Establish networking opportunities with organizations and individuals for successful healthcare startups and entrepreneurial ventures.

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