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The webinar, titled "Gearing up Global Nursing Welfare: Our Nurses Now and the Future," addresses the pressing issues and challenges the nursing profession faces locally and abroad.


This initiative recognizes the nurses' pivotal role in healthcare systems worldwide and aims to create a platform for in-depth discussions, knowledge sharing, and strategic planning to enhance the well-being of nurses presently and in the years to come.

The webinar further aims to:

  1. Recognition of the Crucial Role of Nurses: The rationale begins by acknowledging nurses' critical role in healthcare delivery, patient outcomes, and overall public health. Recognizing the contributions of nurses is essential to fostering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges they face and the impact they have on global healthcare.

  2. Identification of Current Challenges: The webinar will delve into the existing challenges that nurses encounter in their daily professional lives. This includes issues such as workload, burnout, inadequate resources, and disparities in access to training and professional development. The webinar seeks to lay the groundwork for targeted interventions and solutions by identifying these challenges.

  3. Global Perspective on Nursing Welfare: With a focus on the global context, the webinar aims to provide a platform for international collaboration and information exchange. By incorporating perspectives from diverse healthcare systems and regions, the event will enrich the understanding of common challenges while highlighting unique issues faced by nurses in different parts of the world.

  4. Discussion on Current Best Practices: The webinar will showcase and discuss existing successful initiatives and best practices that contribute to the well-being of nurses. This includes innovative approaches to workload management, mental health support, professional development opportunities, and the implementation of technology to improve nursing efficiency.

  5. Exploration of Future Trends and Solutions: Looking forward, the webinar will explore emerging trends in healthcare and nursing and discuss how these trends might impact the profession. It will also engage participants in brainstorming and proposing innovative solutions to effectively anticipate and address future challenges.

  6. Promotion of Advocacy and Policy Changes: The webinar will emphasize the need for advocacy to promote positive changes in policies and practices related to nursing welfare. By empowering participants with knowledge and insights, the event aims to inspire collective action to influence policy reforms that better support nurses globally.

  7. Engagement with Stakeholders: The rationale includes a commitment to engaging a diverse range of stakeholders, including nurses, healthcare administrators, policymakers, educators, and the broader public. This inclusive approach ensures that the discussions and recommendations are comprehensive, well-informed, and have a broader impact.


In conclusion, the webinar will serve as a catalyst for positive change in the local and global nursing landscape. By addressing current challenges, sharing best practices, and envisioning the future of nursing, the event seeks to contribute to nurses' well-being and professional fulfillment worldwide, ultimately leading to enhanced patient care and improved health outcomes.

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