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Lungs at work - okay ka lungs?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

WESTERN VISAYAS - This August, we commemorate National Lung Month in pursuance of Presidential Proclamation No. 1761. The observance aims to advocate the importance of lung health by being safe from environmental hazards at work and in the community. It further brings the pulmonary system and lung diseases to the public's notice. The decree urges the public and private sectors to create a better and healthier environment ensuring healthy lungs for all workers, especially during this pandemic.

Inhalation of chemical irritants, allergens, or poisons in commercial environments is the primary cause of occupational and environmental lung disorders. However, even a single or indirect interaction with a dangerous chemical can result in lung disorders with long-lasting effects. Most diseases are brought on by repeated, long-term exposure.

The OSHC-Region 6 reminds employers in all sectors to provide seminars for their workers on lung health. Also, they shall initiate programs and services such as periodic physical exams, the conduct of work environment measurements, and healthy lifestyle activities. On the other hand, workers shall prioritize fitness and assessment of lung problems' signs and symptoms to address them as soon as possible. The OSHC-Region 6 will provide technical assistance for employers in developing their policies and programs on lung health and conduct learning sessions to strengthen private-public partnerships in the locality.

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