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DOLE releases new advisory on wearing masks

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

MANILA – To enforce President Marcos Jr.’s Executive Order No. 07 on the voluntary wearing of face masks in indoor and outdoor settings, the Department of Labor and Employment released Labor Advisory No. 22 series of 2022 entitled, “Guidelines on the Voluntary Wearing of Facemasks in Workplaces.”

The labor advisory states that although facemasks are now optional, they are still required in healthcare institutions, medical vehicles, and public transit (land, sea, or air). The DOLE directs all private sector employers to implement their face mask policy, especially if required, based on the risks and dangers, industry standards, and prevalence of other infectious illnesses. The employer will also act against those who disregard OSH-related rules and initiatives.

As we start to lighten face mask mandates to promote activities and enhance efforts toward the complete reopening of the economy, the DOLE Regional Offices will continually give necessary support to maintain safe and healthy working conditions in all workplaces across the nation.

To read more on the labor advisory, please click the link for the reference:

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